My wife and I met in 1996 while serving as mechanics for the United States Air Force, since then we have shared 23 wonderful years of marriage together...and counting! We quickly found that we shared a common interest in board games, D&D and miniatures war gaming. After leaving the Air Force, we continued our education gaining bachelor degrees, myself in Aeronautical Science and my wife in Accounting. Our gaming passion never wavered, helping us meet many wonderful friends over the years. We took the plunge into 3D printing when we found the need to create gaming accessories and terrain while hosting group gaming sessions at our home here in Massachusetts.

We began getting requests from our friends to have items printed for their personal collections. Their interest lead us to bring our 3D prints to our local friendly gaming stores to gauge the demand from the local gaming scene. Having run a success residential/commercial cleaning and property management service for the past 9 years, we saw the potential in creating a dynamic new business. We have since closed the cleaning business, transferring our clients to another cleaning company so I could focus 100% on the 3D printing business and my wife could continue her accounting career, while helping me manage the business. We could not do this without the moral support of our dog, Bradford. He makes us smile every day and has become our “security” force at conventions!

Our 3D Printing Studio consist of seven FDM Prusa I3 MK3s, two Resin Prusa SL1s and two Phrozen MSLA Resin printers. The studio's goal is to have 10 MK3s and four SL1s before 2020 years end. Over the the past year, we have amassed over 75,000 hours of printing across all our machines. We designed and implemented a robust preventive maintenance program for our equipment, all of the maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs are done in house by ourselves while keeping a detailed log book for each printer and print that passes through each machine. The end result of this program is a 1 in 100 print failure and consistent quality of each print delivered to our customers. We pride ourselves to be one of a few businesses that display actual examples of our prints on our website. The customer should see the quality of the product before an order is placed. This policy of transparency or WYSIWYG "What You See Is What You Get" has gone a long way to build great customer trust in the 3D prints we produce.

The creative designers that we have licenses with include 3DHexes, Terrain 4 Print, Worlds Over Run, and Lost Kingdom Miniatures. The collection is rounded out by our custom gaming aids in Fusion Corner. We enjoy making wonderful creations for everyone and want to share it with as many people as we can.


Ali & Shanan Rivera
DBA Fusion Forge 3D Printing